Because the initial structure of Dreamscape is based off of the memories of hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the land, along with satellite imaging, everything is recreated on a 1:1 ration. This means that there is absolutely no sign that there is any difference between Dreamscape and reality.
There are areas in the world where the lines between reality and the abstract begin to blur, causing abnormal architecture and landscapes, sometimes bending people’s minds and bodies in ways that make them no longer like the regular dreamers.

Known Locations:
Proxy Hearts Lab - Dormir, CA (city center)
BETA HQ – Dormir, CA (shipping bay)
Nightmare Den - Dormir, CA (Chinatown)

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103 miles (E to W)
117 miles (N to S)

17:1 (walking)
6:1 (bicycle)

Where everyone begins; Proxy Heart Labs. You could say they have ambivalent feelings about the laboratory. Being the place where all of this started, it's perhaps the most stable location out of all of Dormir. Although serving as a safe haven for many, there are occasional threats from Nightmares that plague this area.
As for the appearance of P.H.L., it's as cold and empty as any other laboratory; polystyrene tiles that line the ceilings in grids, bright fluorescent shining throughout the establishment, and achromic walls and floors to make it feel even more distasteful and bland. With not even cheap paintings to splash the walls with color, the place proves it does its purpose and that's all it plans on doing.

> Body (LOBBY)



A safe haven for those aware of the Nightmare threat that wish to combat their foes and find a safe way out of Dreamscape. Located on the west coast of Dormir, the BETA HQ is within the heart of a shipping bay, surrounded by warehouses, shipping containers, and ships big and small. The main building of the HQ is a large warehouse that seems decrepit like the others around it but like it is still in light use.
Once inside the main location, there is a courtyard in the center where BETA testers and their associates can relax when time permits. Deeper within the HQ, a shipment elevator takes users into a deep underground portion of the warehouse were the main operations of the BETA testers take place. The first open area houses all the computers and tools that the BETA testers use to track and take down Nightmares, while the area through the doors to the back leads to a hallway, taking users to the common area, sleeping quarters, cafeteria, and communal bathrooms.

> The Nest (COURTYARD)


Nestled within Dormir's breath-taking Chinatown, Mei Sun Garden looks like a fine restaurant on the surface; Bright lights and fancy pagoda roofs don the exterior, while the interior is stylized with gold and red velveteen luxuries.
During your time in Dreamscape, you will certainly hear about Mei Sun Garden while you are testing. Newcomers are advised to avoid this location due to high fluctuations of irregularities in the system, and an increased number of potentially dangerous individuals; We are not responsible for any injury caused by visiting Mei Sun Garden.


The upstairs area of Mei Sun Garden Restaurant consists of both storage and apartments. The apartments are supposed to be home to those that work in the restaurant, but it has become a haven for Nightmares.

Beneath the floors of Mei Sun Garden lays a labirynth of halls, hiding multiple floors under the surface. Down in these catacombs, Nightmares and those weak of will coinside, partaking in the opium dens, illegal gambling, and other nefarious activities.

> Night Terrors
ALPHA testers that are twisted in mind, whether caused by the Dreamscape program or having had been a previous condition. They use their knowledge to aid Nightmares in tormenting others. Night Terrors can always be found lurking around Mei Sun Garden.