Who We Are

There are many people that are helping further Dreamscape. Below, you can lean more about those that are aiding in our cause.

ALPHA Testers - The original nonofficial group to first enter into Dreamscape. They were initially tasked with seeking out and reporting on weaknesses and exploits of the system so that the developers could repair them. Because of the early stages of the program, they were not fully connected to the nexus through the neural link, thus could not be fully affected by the viruses that were present in the program. Because of their time in Dreamscape and their intimate knowledge of the original system, they are aware of many secrets behind the conglomerate.

BETA Testers – The first group of people to "officially" enter into the Dreamscape. Because of the fact that they had traveled in and out of it multiple times before becoming trapped like the others, they are aware of the fact that what happens to you in Dreamscape, happens to you in real life, including the gaining of powers and death.

Lucid – People that have gained abilities in the Dreamscape and are trying to use their powers to find a way out for themselves and the Asleep. They fight against Nightmares because they see that they are too dangerous to let out into the world again.

Nightmare – Those that have gained powers from viruses in the system and are using their power for malicious intent, hoping to escape the Dreamscape and take revenge on the outside world.

Asleep – Regular dreamers in the Dreamscape that haven’t been affected by viruses and weak points in the system.

Programmers – The ones that were monitoring the progress of BETA testers and others placed into the Dreamscape® program. It is assumed that they are still watching, and might possibly have avatars in the program to affect certain aspects of Dreamscape®

Scientists - A cross between lab techs and doctors, they are the ones that are in charge monitoring the well-being of the test subjects outside of Dreamscape.

Admins – The creators of Proxy Hearts Ltd and Dreamscape®. Mysterious forces behind whatever experimentation the testers are being put through. Headed by Doctor NAME NAME, president and founder of Proxy Hearts Ltd.