Welcome to Dreamscape®, a new VR program that allows users to delve into the subconscious of their mind and rediscover long hidden memories. In an attempt to help those with repressed memories from traumatic events, Dreamscape® can be used to help bring their assailants to justice. The program also offers assistance for those that suffer from mental instabilities that affect the way that they view the real world, allowing certified “programmers” to travel into their mind and fix any “malfunctions” that are present. Though Dreamscape® was originally designed solely to help those in need, there is also the ability to use it as an escape from reality for designated periods of time so that you may take that long needed vacation to Hawaii without even having to leave your bed.

Dreamscape® creators, Proxy Hearts Ltd, are proud to extend an invitation to you to become one of our honorary BETA Testers! Become one of the first people outside our facility to use this brand new technology. Help us shape your future.